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Frequently Asked Question!

The dispatch time regularly (if no inconvenience arises) is from 3 to 24 hours after the purchase is made (not including holidays and weekends).

If you misplace the destination address, you must send an email to with the correction, within the next 6 hours once the order has been placed. If your order has been shipped, the customer will be responsible for the shipping costs again. Packages that have not been delivered due to customer error regarding the final destination information, whether incomplete or incorrect, will not be refunded.

Browser's cache website information. Clearing the cache fixes a lot of the issues, like loading or formatting errors on sites. We suggest you carry out this process. Here are some of the search engines.

  • En Chrome
  • En Firefox
  • Apple Safari: (1) Click on the Safari menu.
    (2) Select Empty cache.
    Click Empty.



Delivery time does not include weekends and holidays. Estimated time for Puerto Rico of 1-3 days (estimated time) once the order is processed. Delivery time in United States, 3-6 days once the order is processed (estimated time). Our courier service is responsible for shipping dates and times.

The shipping method is through USPS.

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